ELEANOR LANAHAN attended art school in Rhode Island, and has lived in Vermont for the past 35 years.

After spending three decades doing commercial illustrations for the dairy and ski industry, for many children's books and guide books, she wrote Scottie, The Daughter of... , a biography published by Harper Collins in 1995. That project led to an art book on Zelda Fitzgerald, "Zelda, An Illustrated Life", published by Harry Abrams Inc. in 1996.

Her interest in combining writing and painting led naturally to the making of an animated movie, The Naked Hitch-Hiker (Winner of the Goldstone Award, 2006 VIFF). Since then the film has been screened at many festivals world-wide and won several awards.


, born in Israel, has lived and worked most of her life in England as a documentary filmmaker and animation producer. Since 2001 she also has been running an international historical footage library, Footage Farm Ltd.

Documentary programs include: 1968-Power To The Imagination; The March Of Time; Development of major international series about the history of the world in the 20th Century.

Animation productions include: 26-part series Treasure; 4-part series Blind Justice; Short animated films such as Silence; Andares In Time Of War; Touch Wood; The Stain; Gotta Get Out.
They can be found at http:// www.yadinproductions.com
One Alcoholic To Another is her first American production.

Orly also teaches history of documentary film and tutors MA dissertations at The National Film & Telelvision School in England. She is on the Board of Directors of the Vermont International Film Festival.

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